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Open Seas Media provides international media consulting services.

I am able to quickly and accurately assess challenges, identify opportunities and make recommendations to enhance balance sheets.

Costa Rica
I guided a group of Costa Rican and ex-pat investors to assess their planned purchase of radio and television stations. I determined that those stations would not be viable.

Instead, a wireless telecommunications company was bought and I served as interim CEO. My responsibilities included organization structure, review of all legal documents, hiring key managers, review of compensation, real estate options and creating an operational manual.

On that success, I was invited by the President of Costa Rica to join their national committee to help shape broadband policy for the next decade.

I helped a group of current and ex-military officers to design, build and operate a multi-media center in Afghanistan.

San Francisco
Currently in the process of working with high-tech, “Rich Media” companies, newspapers and provide personalized training to C-Suite personnel to a $100 million dollar company.

Small Business Administration
Certified for companies up to 500 employees.

Pro Bono
Teach entrepreneurs business plan writing, time management, presentation skills and business writing


Ernest J. Rizzuti
Open Seas Media LLC
based in San Francisco

email contact

Ernie Rizzuti

Senior Executive Leader
> in English and Spanish language media – radio, television, digital

Personal Coach
> to senior management including C-Suite personnel

Productivity Expert
> to create and innovate strategies within large corporations
> to hire and retain amazing talent
> to write business plans across multiple platforms
> to reorganize and generate top line revenues by working within existing revenue streams

> to identify new opportunities

> to international companies on mergers and acquisitions


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